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(Dec. 6, 2021) - CIWRO Theme 2 - Mesoscale and Storm-Scale Modeling R&D

Development and Research of GOES-R ABI All Sky Radiance Data Assimilation for Rapidly Evolving Convective Scale Weather Prediction - Aaron Johnson

Improving High-Impact Weather Forecasts through Real-Time Ensemble Adjustment Techniques - Brian Ancell

Insights into Storm-Scale Dynamics and Predictability through Idealized Modeling and Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis - Christopher Weiss

Integrated Lightning Observations for Operational Calibration/Validation Data Assimilation, and Process Understanding - Eric Bruning

Assimilation of Polarimetric Radar Data into Stormscale Models with a Variational Scheme for Improving Short-term Severe Weather Forecasts - Jidong Gao

Coastal Thunderstorms - Kelly Lombardo

Hailstorm Modeling - Matthew Kumjian

Warn-on-Forecast in the 2020s - Patrick Burke

Paul Markowski - PDF Unavailable

Mesoscale Modeling and Data Assimilation for Severe Weather and High Impact Snowstorms - Steven Greybush

Simulating Hail and Lighting - Ted Mansell

Studying Tropical MCS Using High-Resolution Satellite Observations, Numerical Model, and Data Assimilation - Xingchao Chen