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(Sep. 30, 2022) - CIWRO Theme 3 - Forecast Applications Improvements R&D

Advancements in Forecaster-Generated Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) for Severe Weather Warnings - Adrian Campbell

Forecast Applications Research at CIWRO/SPC - David Jahn

Transport Applications Team - Daniel Tripp

CIWRO Hybrid Workshop on Forecast Applications Improvements - Greg McFarquhar

Improving Probabilistic Short-Term Severe Weather Forecasts Using the Warn-On-Forecast System, ProbSevere, and Random Forests - Eric Loken

MRMS Severe Research and Efforts for Forecast Improvements - Tony Reinhart

Diagnosing Near-Surface Model Errors with FV3-LAM Physics Schemes for Multi-Physics RRFS Ensemble - Xiao-Ming Hu

"Right" Results but from "Wrong" Representation of the Rain Microphysics - Yongjie Huang