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(Oct. 7, 2022) - CIWRO Theme 4 - Subseasonal to Seasons (S2S) Prediction for Extreme Weather Events

Lessons from the Prediction of Rainfall Extremes at Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Periods (PRES2iP) Project - Elinor Martin

CIWRO Hybrid Workshop on S2S Prediction for High-Impact Weather Events - Greg McFarquhar

Predicting Subseasonal Extreme Precipitation Events Across the United States - Jason Furtado

An Overview of the S2S Focus Area Research Activities as part of the Oklahoma EPSCOR S3OK Project - Jeffrey Basara

Flash Drought: Current Knowledge, Tools, and Future Opportunities - Jordan Christian

Severe Weather and Climate Research at CIWRO/NSSL - Kim Hoogewind

Understanding Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Predictability and Prediction using Multi-Model Ensembles - Kathy Pegion

The Different Stratospheric Mechanisms Influencing the Formation of Cold Air Outbreaks in the Great PLains of the United States - Oliver Millin

Reconstruction of Model Time Extended Error Modes to Predict and Subtract Error in Real Time - Paul Roundy

The Impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) on Extreme Winter Weather - Stephen Foskey