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(May 6, 2022) - CIWRO Theme 1 - Weather Radar and Operations

Insights into Severe Thunderstorm Dynamics Afforded by Radar and In-situ Observations - Chris Weiss

Synergistic use of Polarimetric Phased Array Radar and Cell Towers Signals to Map Humidity in the PBL - Dusan Zrnic

Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Estimation with Radars - Pierre Kirstetter

Current Status of Developing Polarimetric Airborne Weather Radar for Detecting HIWC as an Aviation Hazard - Rockee Zhang

The CIWRO/NSSL Phased-Array Meteorological Studies Team - Terry Schuur

Development of a Shared C-band Mobile Polarimetric Atmospheric Imaging Radar - Tian-You Yu