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Jill Hardy

Research Associate

With the National Weather Service (NWS) Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD), Jill develops and delivers training for NWS forecasters across the country. She creates training for forecasters to enhance their warning decision-making expertise, with a focus on issuing Flash Flood Warnings. To do this, Jill researches emerging science, technology, and techniques that can benefit NWS forecasters during flash flood warning operations. Additionally, she collaborates closely with NWS forecasters and other NOAA partners to gather information, verify results, and review concepts. Ultimately, the results of this research and collaboration are developed into training that is delivered in a variety of methods, including online recorded lessons, in-residence presentations, hands-on weather event simulation activities, and webinars. These courses cover topics such as fundamentals of flash flood meteorology and hydrology, new flash flood-related products and tools available to forecasters, and Flash Flood Warning text and polygon best practices. Jill loves that her job allows her to interact closely with experts in the field of meteorology, while working towards the NWS mission to protect life and property.


M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (2014)

B.S. Geological Sciences, University of Southern California (2011)


Research Associate, OU CIWRO w/ NWS Warning Decision Training Division (Norman, OK)

Research Team(s):

Warning Decision Training Division