Kodi Nemunaitis-Monroe, NOAA Sea Grant Weather & Climate Extension Specialist

Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 2014
M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma
B.S. Meteorology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2001

What She Does: Kodi oversees NOAA’s Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning (CI-FLOW) project. This research is aimed at predicting total water levels (rainfall + river flows + waves + tides + storm surge) in watershed coastal regions. More than half of the nation’s population is affected by coastal flooding, and CI-FLOW aims to reduce impacts to life and property. As storms approach, National Weather Service forecasters provide feedback on how well the CI-FLOW system performs.

Favorite Things: Spending time with her daughter, watching “House of Cards” and “Sherlock”

Trivia: At the University of Nebraska, she was a cheerleader for the Cornhuskers!