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CIWRO Funding Structure

Task I

Task I "base" funding, from NOAA through our cooperating OAR, NWS, and NESDIS agencies to OU, is used to support administrative staff and postdoctoral and visiting scientists. The supervision and administration of Task I personnel is principally conducted by the OU CIWRO management.

Task II

Task II "non-base" funding, from NOAA through OU to CIWRO, and then to NSSL, ROC, SPC, NCDC, and SRH is used to support graduate research assistants, research associates, computer programmers, and technical staff. Scientific direction of these employees is provided jointly by OU and NOAA unit/CIWRO management. In the case of NSSL, these funds have traditionally been used by its Director to provide scientific and support staff to work in collaboration with NSSL base-funded scientists in direct support of NSSL's mission. Staff supported with these funds are OU employees.

Task III

Task III funds arrive from successfully-funded proposals to NOAA that are submitted by other OU entities (CAPS, ARRC, OCS, SoM, etc.) and are funded through the cooperative agreement (to make it easier on both OU and NOAA) and for projects funded by NOAA to CIWRO personnel that are outside their normal work with our NOAA partners.

Other Agency

Other Agency Funding comes to OU and (through OU) to the NOAA units from agencies other than NOAA in response to proposal submissions, generally on a competitive basis. Principle Investigators are CIWRO scientists (including some at NSSL) and NSSL base-funded scientists (sometimes in collaboration with OU faculty). A wide variety of agencies have been involved in recent years, including the National Science Foundations, NASA, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. EPA, USAID, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Management.