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Fire Weather Workshop

The workshop is designed to bring together diverse multi-disciplinary communities working in research on operational forecasting and impacts of fire weather, communicating risks of fire weather, economic impacts of fire, and strategies for land management and prevention of fire. The workshop is organized around four themes: 1) fire forecasting; 2) subseasonal to seasonal variation of and climatology of fires; 3) tools, operational needs, emergency management and communication; and 4) impacts/land management/ecology. Overview talks on the first day of the workshop are designed to emphasize what is state of art in each theme, what are existing problems and uncertainties in each theme, what are impediments to solving those problems or reducing uncertainties, and what resources are needed to overcome those uncertainties. Some topics are covered by multiple speakers in order to hear a diversity of opinions. A poster session combined with a reception on the first evening will ensure that all workshop participants are able to present their views on the relevant topic areas.

Oral Presentations

Session 1

Session 2

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Session 3

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Session 4

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Breakout Session Wrap-Up

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Poster Presentations